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Alumni join Antarctic Expedition with professionals around the world

Christie Lai (Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong, 2017-2019)

Justin Yeung (Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong, 2016-2018)

Earlier in March, Christie and Justin joined an international delegation to the Antarctica to study the impact of climate change there.

"One of the challenges I anticipated in the expedition was to view the surroundings from different perspectives. In this natural environment (i.e. Antarctica) so simple yet elegant, it is important to identify and quantify the scale. MyUWCexperience has made me realize the importance of empathy. In this world where people and places are ever connected, being empathetic allows us to understand and share the feelings of another, and it is necessary to cultivating solutions and creating shared value in this chaotic world. Regardless of cultural differences and distance apart, we need to be in harmony in order to collaborate effectively and efficiently and solve some of the world's biggest problems, together."- Christie Lai

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