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Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong celebrates
30th Anniversary and UWC Hong Kong Committee celebrates
50th Anniversary in the college year 2022-23.

2022 is also the 60th Anniversary of UWC Atlantic College, the birthplace of the UWC movement.


Anthony Tong

Chairman of the Board, LPCUWC

Ken Yeung.jpg

Ken Yeung


Chairman, UWC Hong Kong Committee


Arnett Edwards

Principal, LPCUWC


Michael Yong-Haron


Chairman, Anniversary Steering Committee

LPCUWC Founding Alumnus

The Design of the Anniversary Logo

A dove flying out represents peace and the plant represents a sustainable future. The logo symbolises  UWC's role in making education a driving force to unite people, nations, and cultures. The shape of "3" is taken from the shape of the UWC logo. And the 3 blend into a 5 to represent the 30th and 50th Anniversaries. As a joint anniversary, LPC & UWC HK will continue to spread the wings of connecting the circle for many more years to come. The many colours represent a diversity of people in LPC and other UWC Colleges. This joint anniversary is to celebrate two great milestones about connecting UWC’ers to a bright future together. 

Asuka Hatano, Y1 student LPCUWC, Class of 2023



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